The Disney Tradition
Ever since I was 5 years old I've loved everything Disney thanks to my parents who took me on my very first trip to Disney World and continued to do so every year after. I'm still a kid at heart and I think that has a lot to do with my passion for Disney. On this blog I'll be posting anything and everything Disney related. If you love Disney as much as I do follow!! Feel free to ask any Disney questions or just want to leave a simple "Hello". I love to chat. Note: I do not take credit for anything I post. If I post something that is mine I will say so.

To learn more about my Disney experience click on the link below titled, MY DISNEY EXPERIENCE. If you're wondering anything else or want my suggestions on all things Disney message me!

I do take requests of any Disney related things...videos, photos, songs, etc.
Beach Club Resort.

Beach Club Resort.

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    Beach Club Resort.
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    I wanna stay there!
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    Reblog. :) My mom now wants to stay here… well then. That can be arranged.
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